Dvar Torah about the weekly Parasha, and holidays, and different topics

Ki Tissa

Dear Congregants, Parashat Ki Tissa begins with the Misvah upon every Jew age 20 and


Dear Congregants, Parashat Terumah discusses the construction of the Mishkan. The Parashah begins with the first


Dear Congregants, Our Parashah begins with Yitro, the father in law of Moshe Rabbenu, hearing about


Dear Congregants, Prior to the miracle of the splitting of the Yam Suf, the verse


Dear Congregants: Our Parashah begins with the historic showdown between Yaakov and Esav. Yaakov is

Hayyeh Sarah

Dear Congregants: The Pasuk says “VeAvraham Zaken Ba Bayamim VaHaShem Berach et Avraham Bakol” which


Dear Congregants: The Pasuk in Michah says “Titen emet le’Ya’akov Hesed le’Avraham..” Avraham Avinu was


Dear Congregants: Avraham Avinu was tested 10 times by Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Through these tests