The Beauty of Shabat- Haven on Earth!

Special shiur about Shabat!! How we can feel haven on earth!
The sweetness in Shabat Kodesh!!
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Ahavat Chinam -Unconditional love!

how we can love each other -Unconditional ?
why hashem destroyed bet hamikdash?
how the torah told us to love others like us?

En od Milvado -אין עוד מלבדו Improving your Life With Emunah!

Shiur about Emunah –
– there is nothing in the world except God.
אין עוד מלבדו -en od milvado
How we can use the tools of Emunah to our life.
Beautiful lecture!
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Parashat Matot -The Power Of our Words!

Parashat Matot This parshah deals with the sin of a person who makes a neder (vow). The Torah says – לא יחל דברו ככל היוצא מפיו יעשה, He shall not violate his word; whatever comes out of his mouth, he shall fulfill. We need to realize how important it is not to desecrate our speech, […]

Ki Tissa

Ki Tissa

Dear Congregants, Parashat Ki Tissa begins with the Misvah upon every Jew age 20 and up to give a half Shekel. We commemorate this with Zecher Lemahasit Hashekel(the commemoration of the half Shekel) that we give before Purim. Rashi in this week’s Parashah states that Hashem showed Moshe a coin of fire who’s weight was a […]



Dear Congregants, Parashat Terumah discusses the construction of the Mishkan. The Parashah begins with the first ever fundraising drive. The Pasuk says “Dabber el Bene Yisrael Veyikhu Li Terumah.” Hashem tells Moshe Rabbenu to speak to the Bene Yisrael and “Take for me a donation”.  The question is asked why didn’t Hashem tell Moshe to tell […]


הרב ינון קלאזן מגיע להרצות בנושא פילוסופיה יהודית ומחשבת ישראל

הציבור היקר מוזמן להשתתף בהרצאתו המרתקת והמעניינת של הרב ינון קלאזן שליט”א

we are starting “Let’s Talk”

B”H this Wednesday we are starting “Let’s Talk”. We will discuss and learn about different topics. For the next few weeks we will discuss: Marriage, Mikavh and shalom Bayit. Let’s learn together. Hope to see u Tehila🌷

Sunday funday!

our Hebrew Sunday School is inviting all the kids to a Sunday Funday!!!

High holidays 2017

High Holidays! 2017! Rosh Hashana -Sep 20-22 Will be b”h at Tiferet Rafael synagogue! Free seats!! The meals will be served on Wednesday night / Friday morning. 36$ per person 15$ child. To resister Please call soly 954-931-3560 Yom Kipur: Sep 29-30 B”h this year -on Yom Kipur we will be at Bonaventure Resort & […]

Tiferet Rafael annually Calendar 

B”h we would like to make a Jewish Calendar for this coming year. On behalf of our community . ‏Please take advantage of this opportunity ‏To advertise your business card , and your birthdays, anniversaries, and azkara. ‏We have the price list:  ‏Business cards : ‏Post on 1 page = 180$ ‏Post on 3 pages […]